Sunday, December 23, 2007

San Diego - An American Paradise

San Diego - An American Paradise - or should the title be San Diego - A Winter Sabbatical. January 2008 will be the 9th year and a row that Arline and I head south in January to get away from the weather of the wet, cold and gray Pacific Northwest. Being removed from Southern California for 24 years, it is still something that we look forward to each year. We have managed to take GB's and GB's of photos on each trip, sometimes hooking up with the San Diego Digital DSLR Group on one of their group photo shoots around San Diego County. These photos were taken a couple of years ago while on one of our trips.

Mount Hood Galore

Recently inspired by a photo by Dan Schwanz on Train Orders about trains and Oregon's Mount Hood, I managed to find a compilation of shots taken from Memorial Day weekend 2007 in the Columbia River Gorge.

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np/ Incubus - Drive

Morning Z Train at North Dalles, WA

70mph at Rufus, OR

Biggs, OR Overlook

Avery, WA

Wishram - Fallbridge

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter in the Blue Mountains of Oregon

Each December, a group of us travel to shoot some snowy railroad photos. This winter was no exception, but the venue changed a bit. The past several years, we headed south to the former SP Cascade Crossing at Pengra Pass outside Eugene, OR. In 2006, the traffic levels were so down that on our last day we saw only 2 trains the entire day. This year myself along with Richard Zoller, Steve Eshom and Steve Carter headed to the Oregon Short Line (UP) crossing of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon.

Snow was forecast for the long weekend - a few suprises were in store for us over the weekend.....Here are some of the photos from the great weekend! You can view the photos at full size by clicking on each of the images.

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np/Frampton Comes Alive - Do you feel like I do

Snowy Night At Kamela

Meacham, OR

Hilgard, OR

Climbing toward Motanic

Guarding the Center Siding at Kamela

About to Tip Over At Kamela

Snowy Art

Assaulting the Blues

Crossing HighBridge - Highball

Near Zero Wind Chill - North Powder, OR

8 Degree Morning at Kamela

North Powder, OR

Nordeen, OR

Some Fall Railroad Photos

Most every year, the fall is the most time that I am active out shooting railroad photos, but this year was an exception to that - I spent this fall laying low mostly planning and working on the home model railroad layout in the garage. I did manage to get out on some trips though - here are some of the photos.....

Have a Happy Xmas!
np/ The Eagles - Hotel California

UP Train in the Wallula Gap

Bridge at The Dalles, OR

Climbing into Cold Springs, WA

Nightime at Maryhill, WA

At times instead of posting up photos independently on the site, I place the photos in a photo layout in Photoshop. Here is the photo layout of one of the fall trips in a tongue in cheek poke at the show "24".


Here is the first of the installments for my blog page which will focus on what is going on as well as a way to display some photos. Stay tuned.....